FREEDOM - is not abstract 
Professional crisp and vibrant laser color prints - 11 x 14 in. 100 lb. 98% brightness matt finish acid-free stock. Fits standard frame or may be custom matted and framed to taste. 

FREEDOM is not abstract (Design 1)
Edition size signed/numbered: 250 
Image: 8.5 x 10.5 in.
Price: $40.00 

FREEDOM is not abstract (Flag 1)
Edition size signed/numbered: 250  
​Image: 8.25 x 10.75 in. 
Price: $40.00

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4. Avoid direct sunlight to preserve color richness. 
In short... 

About three years ago, painting 'en plein air' alongside a narrow walking street on a tiny cay in the Bahamas, I simplified the landscape into basic color shapes; changing sizes and colors. That is, making the scene not recognizable. "Abstract," as most people think of such art, not my usual way. 

The result strong. Intriguing, more so. 

How nice to have the freedom to paint however and to just enjoy the freedom to paint. 

Later it dawned on me freedom, rather abstract, is not really abstract at all; abstraction lost in cost. 

That idea led to thinking about simple abstract paintings as representation of freedom. 


First writing about this idea a while back, I included a few samples. Queries to purchase and about prints surprised me. Flattering but declined. Though heading in the right direction, the ideas were not settled. Now they are, somewhat, and prints available. 

FREEDOM - is not abstract

More to follow. 

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