Dust Jacket excerpt
"No recruit will ever forget "the" bus ride--especially the stretch between the Main Gate and the Receiving Barracks. There may have been much light-hearted conversation and joking prior to the bus approaching the gate, but once the bus entered the depot, every Marine will tell you, there was deafening silence. Every single recruit was experiencing a mixed-bag of gut-wrenching emotion: nervousness, anticipation, excitement, and even some fear. And, any recruit that denies fear is less than truthful. For no matter how well prepared--from watching recruiter videos, reading, and listening to friends who may be Marines--this time it's happening to them. The bus will slow and brakes squeak and release a last blast of air, as the bus stops. In mere seconds, the door will part open and a DI will climb aboard to greet and "invite" all off the bus--ordering them to find a pair of yellow footprints--the time-tested point of origin for all striving to earn the eagle, globe, and anchor, and title "Marine."
Introduction excerpt
By Brigadier General Christian B. Cowdrey, USMC (Retired)

“MAKING MARINES" is another of Colonel Andy Weddington’s superb accomplishments, and is a “must have” for all Marines. I am a long-time admirer of his exceptional artwork...

“MAKING MARINES” from the sketchbook of Colonel A. F. Weddington, USMC (Retired) is a unique account of the Corps commitment to entry-level training that is as tough and challenging today as it was in the beginning. “We Still Make Them Like We Used To” is not just a recruiting poster and bumper sticker slogan. It is fact, and backed up by the stellar performance, incredible bravery, and heroism of every generation of Marine that is ordered into harm’s way. Colonel Weddington’s sketches portray events in the life of a recruit at Parris Island that will define them for a lifetime. And though he completed his sketches at Parris Island, they are equally reflective of recruit training at San Diego. Two recruit depots engaged in the exact same mission, and following the exact same Program of Instruction to “Make Marines.” Colonel Weddington has combined his love of the Corps with his artistic talent to create a timeless record that generations of Marines, past, present, and future will enjoy for years to come.

What one Marine had to say...

"I am speechless, the memories--as recruit and DI--came flooding back. Your sketches capture the moment and words could only have been written by someone who has 'been there, done that' working with ‘hats.’ What a book!" Retired Marine & DI

And more from the public...

"Has the Commandant seen your book? It tells how Marines are made unlike anything that I have ever seen! It's the perfect book for the public to better understand our Corps. Congratulations, Colonel--you wrote a dandy." Retired Marine

"I just arrived home from a business trip. I am blown away by the book. I have to spend a great deal of time getting into the details...I really like the sketches that I have seen thus far." Marine Officer (1978 - 1985)
"Your book eloquently honors all Marines. I am proud to add it too my library." Retired Marine

"It's a privilege to own 'MAKING MARINES'...it's on our coffee table." Marine Parents

"I was not a Marine but, after seeing your sketches and reading how Marines are made, feel like I missed out on something very special in life. No, I know I did. ‘MAKING MARINES’ is a winner." Friend of the Marine Corps

"'MAKING MARINES' is just fabulous! Thank you for sharing your sketches and experience. Sailor