" ... A first thought after review was here I have this friend who is about to publish a book with potential for much success, and I do not own a single one of his paintings. An oversight that triggered a written reminder note on my "to do" list I had better correct while his paintings are still within my budget. My next thought was I have never read, much less seen, a book quite like the one he's writing. I thought, Andy is on to something here--he has effectively taken ideas from many disciplines and obviously, through serious thought and painting, found crossovers with his own ideas and developed a quite unique approach to painting; and actually, everyday life. Further, he has found a way to write plainly and simply about the basics and was thorough without getting bogged down in detail and, here and there, tossed in some humor. I find his perspective refreshing and fascinating and hope he has a follow-on book in mind to expound on his ideas...he said he was hesitant to call it an "art book" as he strongly believes "seeing" is relative to everything, and people, whether interested in painting or not, would enjoy the book. I absolutely will never see the same way again ..." 
        On "SEEING"
              & Painting
    (An Interdisciplinary Perspective)

Anthony F. Weddington
The Sun Runner - The magazine of California desert life and culture (October/November 2007)  

Andy Weddington's new art book--hot off the press!--will be available during his open studio in Yucca Valley on the West End tours, Oct. 27 & 28. On "SEEING" & Painting (An Interdisciplinary Perspective) contains 40 full-color images of the artist's still life and landscape paintings, which provide examples of his "Seeing, then painting" philosophy of art. The book is a good read for artists and non-artists alike--a shift in your perspective on life is guaranteed! In fact, this is the book Weddington wishes he had been able to find when he was younger...but it didn't exist, so he decided to write it himself. This is not a "how to" book, but rather an inspiring tome that provides a fresh approach to "seeing" life and art and the visual world we inhabit. 
Vickie Waite  (
Public Comments
Bill Dickneider (Palm Springs, CA)

" ... your new book, On "SEEING"& Painting, is -- how should I put it? -- an eye-opener. It captivates like one of your colorful paintings. It isn't just the book's handsome binding, colorful photos, or clear writing that draws one in. It's the book's explanation of "seeing" even ordinary objects in ways never before imagined -- objects like lemons, tin cans, apples (green and red) and bottles of beverages...The humble cabbage -- or carrot, cantaloupe, or cauliflower -- will never look the same after reading your book ..."   

Introduction(excerpt) by Walter Bartman

"... I was with Andy Weddington when he produced many of the masterful paintings you are about to see illustrated in his book, "On "SEEING" & Painting." From Seville, Spain, to Elbow Cay in the Bahamas, he has given us an understanding of his visionary approach to working with color. As you will learn, his approach to working with color is his strength and genius. His paintings are fine examples of his dedication and love for painting. As a contemporary plein air painter, he exemplifies what it takes to be a "true" plein air painter. His love for nature's colors is evident throughout his work.

Andy Weddington is a true colorist. He is a poet who expresses his feelings with color instead of words. His four decades of painting have given him a great vision. Unlike many artists, his depth of understanding has given him the ability to be a great teacher as well.

To many students of painting, having a fine teacher will make a difference. They understand that color is their biggest challenge. Color is the most fleeting element in painting, and for an artist to make a fine painting, it takes an understanding of the principles associated with it. Andy Weddington has done just that in this book.

There are numerous books on color. They all try to express ways in which students can solve the complexities associated with color in painting. Unlike these books, Andy Weddington has given you a glimpse of not only the theory associated with the formalistic properties of color, but also the importance of that traditional concept to contemporary painting. 

The full significance of this book will lead the student to make paintings that work...and give the student the confidence to explore and experiment with color, and bring them personal enjoyment for years to come."